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FAQ Cartridge

Can I use any gun with your laser cartridge?

Yes! Use the same caliber cartridge that matches the gun you want to train with.


Will laser cartridge damage the gun?

No. A built in snap cap will protect the gun from causing any damage, if used properly.


Do I have to rack the slide/cock hammer after every shot?

If you are using a single action pistol, you will need to do it. (Glock, XD, 1911) You will not need to do it if you are using a double action. (Beretta 92, P226)


Does the laser training cartridge eject?

No. These cartridges do not have rims, so the extractor will not pull them out. You can press them out with the eraser side of a pencil when you are done training.



The Laser doesn't always seem to be activated when I pull the trigger. What can I do to make it work?

Due to the design and tolerance differences in the firearms, the nominal cartridge length may be slightly too short for your firearm to activate the laser reliably. First check if that is the case by pressing down the Back Cap using your finger tip to verify the working condition of the cartridge. Then slowly rotate the Back Cap by 1/4 rotation to see if that improves the activation mechanism without damaging your firearm. You may repeat the 1/4 rotation for up to 6 times (for a total of 1 1/2 rotations,) provided that it causes no damages to your firearm or the cartridge.

Furthermore, remove the back cap and check that the retaining ring that holds the circuit board is tight.



What is the range of the laser?

As far as the laser will go, which will depend on conditions. 20 - 25 yards should be no issue under most conditions. Longer ranges are not recommended unless you are using them in a dark lighting condition.


What type of battery is used in the Gen 2 9mm, 380ACP, 40S&W, 45ACP, 223 REM, .38 Spec and 7.62x39mm cartridges?

The Gen 2 9mm cartridge uses the 1.5 V AG4 (also known as LR626) Alkaline Cell battery. The same battery is used in the other cartridges listed above.


How do I know if the batteries need to be replaced?

If you have a meter, a good battery should read at least 1.49V. If you don't, watch the laser brightness at a distance 25 - 30 ft away on a white surface and it should be standing out clearly.


What type of batteries are used in the Gen 2 .44 Mag and .45 Long Colt cartridge?

They use the AG3 (also known as LR41) Alkaline Cell battery.


How do I put the new batteries in?

It may be easier if you stack up the batteries on a table (with the Marked Side up) and then put the cartridge over them to complete the insertion.




What is the warranty?

All our products carry a standard 1-year manufacturer warranty, if not specified otherwise.


How do I know if the laser cartridge is working (and the battery isn't dead)?

Make sure that your batteries are installed in the right direction and then simply press down the strike pad of the cartridge using your finger or a pen and the Laser should be activated. If not, either the battery or the cartridge may be bad.